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Latest Bursaries for the Year 2015

Below is a Bursary pack consisting of the latest bursaries in the current year. Browse through the document and Apply Now! Click HERE for the Bursary Pack.

Types of Funding

  • Scholarship

  • A scholarship is academic financial sponsorship awarded to an academically deserving student which consists of conditions and criteria the candidate must meet. The sponsorship awarded covers at the least a portion of the studentís tuition, if the payment made does not fully cover the fees the student or their parents have to make up the rest. The good thing about a scholarship is that the student does not have to pay any of the money back. In most cases the beneficiary of the scholarship has to maintain a certain average in terms of their marks and stick to conditions set by the sponsor. For example an athletic scholarship may require that you maintain a 60 % average and do very well in athletics.

  • Bursary

  • Is academic sponsorship that covers the full costs of study including study material, tuition, accommodation and sometimes pocket money for living expenses. It is granted on the basis of financial need and/ or good academic results. A bursary is paid back in service to the company or entity that sponsored the candidate, they will have to work for the sponsor for the same amount of years they sponsored them or paid for their fees. Although a bursary covers your fees, if there is a module the student fails they will be expected to pay for it themselves.

  • Study Loan

  • A study loan refers to money borrowed to pay for academic tuition (in some instances accommodation too) that has to be paid back with interest. Different loans charge interest differently, it is important to know how the loan you intend to take charges interest. A loan should only be given out by a registered financial institution.


    Details Scholarship Bursary Study Loan
    Benefits Studies are paid for & with no need to pay back Studies are paid for & you stand a good chance of being employed by the company that sponsored your studies upon completion of studies Studies are paid for & loan payment required after completion of studies (depends on loan)
    Repayment No payment required You pay back your sponsor in the form of service equivalent to the length of time they paid for your studies The payment options of various loans may vary but you are expected to pay back the money with interest once you are working, some loans require that the interest of the loan be paid on a monthly basis
    What is covered A scholarship may cover the full costs of your academics and nothing else or a portion of other expenses, if it is a full scholarship it covers all expenses associated with your studies It covers the full expenses associated with your studies In most instances it only covers the tuition fee
    Sponsor Expectations You may be expected to partake in certain activities that may be cultural or extra mural as part of the scholarship agreement, you may also be expected to maintain a certain average in terms of your marks You may be expected to pass all your modules and/or maintain a certain average You are expected to finish your studies so you can pay back the loan
    What happens if you do not maintain the expected standards The scholarship is revoked but you are not expected to pay back the money The bursary is revoked and you are expected to pay back the money You are expected to pay back the money with interest

    Latest Bursaries

  • Afrisam bursaries Closing date: 30 Nov 2015
  • Total bursaries Closing date: 30 Nov 2015
  • BDO bursaries Closing date: 30 Nov 2015
  • Engineering bursaries at Stefanuttistocks Closing date: not specified
  • Vhembe District Municipality bursaries Closing date: 27 November 2015
  • Shoprite bursaries Closing date: 11 December 2015
  • Power Group bursaries No closing date
  • BMW Fastline bursaries Closing date: January 2016
  • BMW SpeedUp bursaries for currently university studentsClosing date: January 2016
  • Bowman Gilfillan bursaries Closing date: 30 November 2015
  • Cha rtered Accountant bursaries by BDO Spencer Steward. open now .
  • Deloitte Bursaries . Open Now.
  • NSFAS bursary (applications should be done at the academic insitutions) . Closing date: 30 Nov 2015.
  • Bursaries managed by the University of Pretoria For more information call 0124203111. Closing date - varies.
  • Bursaries at City of Matlosana Closing date: 31 Jan 2016.

  • Search for Busaries at the SETAs

    Latest Scholarships for 2016 Academic year

  • University of British Columbia MasterCard Scholarships. Closing date: 10 Dec 2015
  • Wellesley College USA - MasterCard Scholarships. Closing date: 03 Dec 2015
  • Google Scholarships & Programs.
  • Scholarships to study in Flanders, Belgium
  • MMMF (United States or Canada) Scholarships. Closing date: 16 Jan 2016
  • McGill University MasterCard Scholarships. Closing date: 05 Jan 2016
  • University of Torondo's MasterCard Scholarships. Closing date: 10 Dec 2015
  • Duke's MasterCard Scholarships
  • Michigan State University MasterCard Scholarships (for undergraduates). Closing date: 04 Jan 2016
  • University of California MasterCard Scholarships. Closing date: 30 Nov 2015
  • Michigan State University MasterCard Scholarships (for graduates). Closing date: 01 Feb 2016
  • WSAS - Sports Scholarships
  • Monash South Africa Scholarships
  • Fulbright Scholarships
  • University of Western Cape Law Scholarships
  • Solomon Mahlangu Scholarships

    If you have a mobile device with Internet access, you can access this website at:

    REAP - The Rural Education Access Programme

    The Rural Education Access Programme assists students from poor rural communities to access tertiary education. REAP provides rural students with a support and development programme to enable success with their studies. It aims to develop confident young South Africans, with capacity and sound values. Visit the following link for more information.

    If you are looking to finance your studies, you could raise part of the money through a bursary and part through a loan. You would still most likely need to work part-time as well. Most people have to work their way through their studies! These links may help you to find some of the possible sources of funds. If you come across more sources of funds you think will help others, please let us know. You can comment on this page and on our Facebook Page.

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