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This is a guide to the available bursaries, it is not a substitute for the information provided by the respective bursary offices. It should be read in conjunction with the company bursary websites and any information provided by bursary institutions to obtain current and relevant information that may change as part of different company policies.

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Latest Bursaries for the Year 2014

Annual Bursaries

  • Bursary opportunities at KPMG Closing dates vary
  • Char te red Accountant bursaries by BDO Spencer Steward. open now .
  • Deloitte Bursaries . Open Now.
  • NSFAS bursary (applications should be done at the academic insitutions) . Closing date not specified.
  • Engineering and Science bursaries by PRASA or more information call 0117731426 . Open now.
  • Bursaries managed by the University of Pretoria For more information call 0124203111. Closing date - varies.

  • Visit the following links for more information regarding Bursaries:

    Search for Busaries at the SETAs


    In the event of an individual wanting to further his/her education and cannot do so due to a lack of finances, that student is able to receive Financial Aid in the form of a Bursary, Scholarship or Student Loan in order to meet their own and South Africa`s development needs.

    A few organizations offering Scholarships:

    If you have a mobile device with Internet access, you can access this website at:

    REAP - The Rural Education Access Programme

    The Rural Education Access Programme assists students from poor rural communities to access tertiary education. REAP provides rural students with a support and development programme to enable success with their studies. It aims to develop confident young South Africans, with capacity and sound values. Visit the following link for more information.

    If you are looking to finance your studies, you could raise part of the money through a bursary and part through a loan. You would still most likely need to work part-time as well. Most people have to work their way through their studies! These links may help you to find some of the possible sources of funds. If you come across more sources of funds you think will help others, please let us know. You can comment on this page and on our Facebook Page.

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