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Guidelines and Resources

These resources are helpful to the Career Practitioners when providing career guidance to the learners and students.

For Students and Learners

  1. Importance of Subjects Choice:
    Help students to understand the categories or grouping of subjects and link that to the possible occupations.
    Use assessments to help students discover their skills and interests.

  2. Be Prepared for College/university:
    Help students understand the difference between high school and college/university. The college/university readiness brochure is available here. The brochures compare student responsibility, academic environment, and resources and support between high school and college/university.
    Classroom and preparation tips are also included.

  3. Acquire Tertiary Education:
    As much as there is high rate of unemployment even among the graduates, it is advisable to encourage learners to finish school and seek tertiary education in order to stand a better chance of being employed.

  4. Find a registered Institution:
    Provide information on how to explore education options.

  5. Pay for Education
    Show students how to get scholarships and financial aid.

Find and Apply for Jobs

Encourage graduating students not to wait until after graduation to start their job search.

Advise students to make use of their students support services and other relevant departments at their respective institutions.

Encourage students to register on the graduate databases, Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) and other relevant sources.

Provide employment links

Provide resources to help them develop resumes and cover letters.

Transition from College to Work

Provide tips for succeeding in the workplace.

Career Guidance Theories
Skills enhancement


Competency Framework

The development of a competency framework for Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) in South Africa is set in the context of a growing awareness in South Africa and internationally that career development services may assist with labour market challenges related to the transition from school and university to the workforce and unemployment. Career development services can assist individuals develop career management skills that include decision making, transition, and career planning skills.

Click here to download the Framework Policy.

CPD Policy

Qualified Career Development Practitioners should actively seek to continually improve their practice through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Click here to download the "Continuing Professional Development Policy".

Code of Ethics

South African Career Development Associationís (SACDA) Practitioners are committed to the provincial and national provision of career information, education, strategy development and guidance/advice processes, that are of high quality as provided by qualified, experienced, competent and recognised professionals.

Click here to download the "SACDA Code of Ethics".