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Adult Basic Education & Training

The aim of Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) is to promote life long learning and personal development to enable adults to adapt successfully in the changing economic, social and political climate in South Africa.

Becoming literate will change one’s life at any age. Kha Ri Gude (meaning “let us learn”) is there to help adults to acquire skills of reading, writing and numeracy.The materials used in Kha Ri Gude centres have been adapted for use in Braille, and the eleven official languages and for use by the deaf.

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National Senior Certificate for Adults (NASCA)

The National Senior Certificate for Adults is a recently established qualification it aims to provide evidence that adult learners are equipped with a sufficiently substantial basis of discipline-based knowledge, skills and values to enhance meaningful social, political and economic participation, to form a basis for further and/or more specialist learning and possibly to enhance the likelihood of employment.

The NASCA qualification is rated at NQF level 4, which is equivalent to a Grade 12 qualification. This qualification is expected to be regarded by employers and higher education institutions as the National Senior Certificate. The NASCA qualification is meant for adults who have not been successful in the conventional schooling system, it is a second chance for them to gain a qualification that opens doors in employment and higher education.

For a more detailed overview of the National Senior Certificate for Adults click here and for SAQA related information on the National Senior Certificate for Adults click here.

Entry Requirements:
- 18 years of age and older;
- Not enrolled at a public or independent school or any other mode of education;
- Passed grade 9 OR;
- In possession of an intermediate certificate of Education OR;
- A SAQA-registered NQF level 2 or 3 qualification.

Critical Outcomes Adopted by SAQA for the National Senior Certificate for Adults
- Identify and solve problems in which responses demonstrate that responsible decisions using critical and creative thinking have been made;
- Work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organization or community;
- Organize and manage oneself and one’s activities responsibly and effectively;
- Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information;
- Communicate effectively using visual, mathematical and/or language skills in the modes of oral and/or written presentation;
- Use science and technology effectively and critically, showing responsibility towards the environment and health of others;
- Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation.