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Career Advice Centres

If you need advice on your learning and work options, please visit a walk-in centre

If you are not near a centre and can telephone, call 0860 35 66 35. You can also ask for a call back, send a "Please Call Me" to 072 204 5056.

Information on Post-school Options and Careers

Making a career choice is one of the most important decisions a person makes. It is therefore imperative that the necessary information and advice is made available to everyone who needs to make such a decision.

Subject Choice and Career Path

A new curriculum was introduced for Grade 10 - 12 as from January 2006. A number of new subjects has been introduced and the curriculum has been stream-lined...

Information for Parents

The Employment Trends in South Africa resource, can be used to finalise your study path after High School. Explore the various trends below to make an...


If you are in Grade 12 you are about to enter one of the most exiting phases of your life, that of furthering your education and training... download >>

National Infrastructure Plan

In 2010 the New Growth Path framework was launched which lead to the establishment of the National Infrastructure Plan. The plan consists of 18 Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs). Skills in short supply in our country needed for these projects have been determined and are available here

Khetha Radio Campaign

Theme for the month: Bogus Colleges
This week's topic: Raising Awareness on Bogus Colleges
Target: Youth out of school and employment

Post School Publication

A guide with relevant information to assist you to make the right career choice. Limited copies are available in Braille. For copies, please send your request to ... download >>

CAS Intermediaries

Intermediaries are career advisers that attend events; they share knowledge and information and give career advice at the events. Find out how to contact them....

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"Appearances matter — and remember to smile." - Nelson Mandela.