National Coordination

The gazetted National Policy for an Integrated Career Development System for South Africa has a national footprint that spans national government departments and also directs implementation at provincial and local government spheres.

The policy addresses the following aspects among others:

  1. The role of government in ensuring that all citizens are assured access to quality career development services.
  2. Strengthening and ensuring continuity of leadership regarding career development services in South Africa.

Furthermore, the policy provides for the establishment of a National Career Development Forum (NCDF) as a coordinating structure for stakeholders. The forum constitutes of the public sector, the private sector and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) This forum consists of 2 sub structures, namely:

  1. The Government Forum
  2. The Skills Education Training Authorities (SETA) Forum

Coordinating Career Development Services

The Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible for the overall coordination of career development services. The coordination occurs through an interdepartmental committee established in terms of the Policy. Members of the committee include:

  1. Department of Basic Education
  2. Department of Labour
  3. Department of Social Development
  4. Department of Public Service and Administration

Partnerships and Stakeholders Liaison

Effective coordination of Career Development Services in the country requires DHET to establish cooperation agreements on the provision of career development services with strategic role players. The partnerships are established with all spheres of government, the private sector and civil society.

Partnership agreements and protocols are considered for long term and programme focused collaboration. These agreements include the development of a workplan with clear responsibilities. Implementation and monitoring of the workplan are managed through meetings and reporting.