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What is attitude?

It is said that “attitude determines altitude” which means that how we choose to view and approach life will determine how far we go in life. Attitudes can be regarded as either positive or negative and are informed by feelings and beliefs. The behaviour you exhibit will always be received as either positive or negative because of the requirements of the environment you find yourself in.

You will meet obstacles in your way to success. These may come from different sources and can put strain on you. They may also provoke negative emotions and consequently negative actions. As a person who has a goal and is working towards growth in their lives or career, you need to consciously work on your attitude.

It is important to differentiate between things you can control and those you can’t. As much as you are working on improving your technical skills and reaching your goals, you need to work on YOU as a person because you will find that most employers need people who have extra qualities beside the skills to do the job. These qualities are more interpersonal. You need to leave a lasting impression on colleagues (at junior and senior levels) in order to be one of the first people that appear in their minds when opportunities come.


What is a positive attitude?

A good attitude also determines how well you work with others. Being a team player, assisting wherever you can and contributing wherever you are requested to are all signs of a good and healthy attitude. You can help maintain good team morale and contribute positively in all the team projects you are involved in.

A positive attitude must also be accompanied by a good work ethic. You must always remember that it is the sum of all things that take you to the next level and keep you there. Your attitude combined with good work production and good work ethic will take you very far.


Tips on developing a positive work attitude

  • Develop respectful relationships governed by healthy boundaries
  • Develop effective stress management techniques
  • Be focused and remember why you are at work
  • Set goals to avoid stagnation
  • Be creative in how you approach your work

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