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CDS Outreach

Career Development Services offers a career advice and information service to the public at large through numerous methods. One of the many channels available for servicing the public is a team of advisors that go out to those requiring advice, training or information  pertaining to career development. This team avails itself only through invitation. If you are hosting an event that requires someone knowledgeable on matters of career development you can invite us by sending us an invitation fully populated with the content indicated below.


The invitation must contain the information below:

  • Dates and times of the event
  • Venue and location
  • Target audience and number of participants expected to attend the events
  • Format of the exhibitions (will there be presentations or just stalls)
  • Theme or focus of the event
  • Organisers' details (name of organisation, contact person, telephone numbers and email address)
  • All the information requested above must be supplied


Contact information:

You must send your invitation to the following email address: KhethaEvents@dhet.gov.za

You must also ensure that it contains all the information mentioned above.


Conditions for Invitation Consideration

For your invitation to be considered it has to meet the following criteria:

- All invitations received that do not meet the criterion above will not be considered

- Invitations must be received within 4 weeks prior to the event date



Our Partners

To become our partner, a formal agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement or Implementation Protocol with DHET Career Development Services is required. For more information click here.