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Realising your potential

Realising full potential is about constantly growing and creating a platform for oneself where you are constantly acquiring skills. It is important for every employee to desire to live up to their full potential. It is not only about competing with others but about moving from one level to another.

Everybody has an innate need to become everything they can become. What differentiates people who succeed and those who do not is that others are more determined to realise their potential than others and they create a conducive environment for that to happen.

People will always remain consistent with who they believe they are. The whole process requires one to define who they are or who they believe they can be. This is a standard that you set and live by. It predicts who we can be.

Characteristics of people who have seek to realise their full potential

  • They are not afraid of change
  • They have learned to be comfortable in their own skin
  • They prioritize and enjoy the journey, not just the destination
  • They are motivated by progress
  • They have determination
  • They are not troubled by the small things
  • They are grateful
  • They are humble

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