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Things you need funding for

When applying to get a bursary to go to university or a college, it is important to know the things you are going to need funding for. Bursaries or financial support may cover registration costs or a part thereof towards an accredited qualification up to a maximum of 50%. However, higher awards than 50% are possible, as circumstances require. Higher awards are made at the discretion of the funder. Bursary recipients will be required to cover any remaining costs, as well as any additional administrative fees that occur as a normal part of the student process if required.

Bursaries are not provided to pay any existing debt, outstanding fees or loans. Therefore, submitting an application is no guarantee that any form of financial assistance or a bursary will be provided. Bursaries may cover the following:

  • Tuition; some organisations can fund all your tuition fees while others may cover a certain percentage and you cover the balance. It is very important to note what your organisation is funding so that you are prepared.

  • Allowance for food; some bursary providers also give allowances for food either in the form of cash or vouchers. NSFAS through sBUX provides vouchers for food, accommodation, travel and books which cannot be changed into hard cash.

  • Private accommodation; it is not all bursary providers that fund accommodation. Others do while others don't. It is important to verify this with the organisation so that if there are arrangements you need to make on your own, you can begin to prepare well in advance.

  • Travel allowances; this is money provided for your travelling expenses if you are not living close to the university. If you are staying at the university residence, you may not need this allowance. Some may also cover allowances.

  • Books, Cellphone and laptop; some organisations may also fund for your school textbooks, laptop, cell phone and even airtime and data. This provision is made with the fact in mind that school books can be very expensive and a laptop can assist you in doing your assignments, while a cell phone can keep you in contact with your loved ones as well as your funders as well. If an organisation funds you with such items, make sure to respect and use them appropriately. Look after them and protect them so that you can also be deemed trustworthy. Some companies may want you to work for them after your studies for a given period, therefore, how you conduct the resources they provide and your behaviour is vital.

  • General allowance; you general allowance is your monthly allowance that the funder may give you to do your personal things. Your funders give you this allowance mainly on a monthly basis to ensure that you can entertain yourself and buy a few personal items for yourself such as clothes. It is important as a student to use this money wisely and have financial wisdom. This also means you learn how to save with this money. Avoid using this money carelessly through too much partying, alcohol and drugs. Be smart with your allowance.

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