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Ways of Dealing with Retrenchment

Turn the challenges into opportunities.

Use this time to think about what you want to do. This may be the ideal time to plan a future and career that you will enjoy. Think about your strengths, weaknesses and empower yourself with skills needed in the market. Learning new skills can give you the edge over your competitors.

Keep your networks strong

At a time like this it is very important to keep positive people close to you who will keep you motivated because retrenchment can be a major confidence knock. You must also keep your networks close, these should include people who would know about new opportunities for potential employment. Keep enquiring with your close networks about new job opportunities that have become available anywhere they are aware of. You must also do you own job searches as well.

Job Searching

If you are still interested in working for a company you need to look for a job. Do not lose your confidence or think you will be retrenched again. Stay positive and understand that you were not retrenched because of your capabilities but because of market demands. You will have to consult our Employability page for more information on job searching.

Rebrand Yourself

Being retrenched can leave you feeling as though your skills and knowledge are no longer in demand. You need to first trust in what you know then find out if what you know is still relevant and in demand for your market. If you see gaps in your knowledge and have the financial means to fill them, sign up for a course or a qualification or further your studies. Then align yourself to the market demands of the industry you are qualified to function within.

The Department of Labour provides a Social Plan or Retrenchment Counselling service free of charge to assist retrenches to deal with retrenchment.
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