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May 2018

Budget Vote Radio Show

21 May 2018

This week's radio shows will be focusing on the Budget Vote with more emphasisi on minister of Higher Education and Training's Budget Vote speech.

The purpose of this week's show is to create awareness and update the public on the plans of the Department of Higher Education and Trianing regarding;

  • Minister Pandor’s plans for higher education and training as presented at the budget vote.
  • Increased budget allocation to fund fee free higher education

For more information on how to access the radio show schedules click below.


April 2018

Academic performance still a precondition for new bursary scheme

25 April 2018

This is how South Africa’s universities look

25 April 2018

South Africa’s universities make headlines for various reasons – be it student protests or ranking among the world’s best for a host of different subjects – but many people do not even have an inkling to where these institutes are situated, or how they look.