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April 2022

National Careers Week

11 April 2022

Science Careers in South Africa

March 2022

The Critical Skills List technical report

1 March 2022

Technical Report on the Finalisation of the Critical Skills List

January 2022

Second Chance Programme: Giving you another chance at Success!

6 January 2022

Adults that qualify to write the 2022 Senior Certificate exam must register before 31 January 2022 for the exams to be written in May/June 2022.

July 2021

University Application Fees 2022/2023 Academic Year

16 July 2021

If you are considering applying for admission in a public university in South Africa for the 2023 academic year, you had better hurry and do it now. Application fees are listed in the link provided, you can even navigate further to admission requirements, application pages, fees, etc.