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Here you will find, amongst others, information about careers and related learning pathways, study fields, school subjects, qualifications and post school options.


On this link you will find information about matric-rewrite/second chance programme, technical matric, understanding matric results, Senior Certificate (Amended) and more


Here you will find information about the available internships, learnerships, apprenticeships other government employment opportunities and skills development programmes for the youth. 

Green Skills

Here you will find information about green careers in South Africa. The green careers exist in various fields, namely, supply chain, mining sector, paint sector etc.

Choosing a Career

To make an informed career decision you will need to be aware of your Interests, Abilities and Values. Completing questionnaires related to these important attributes will help guide you as you make a career choice and later explore various learning pathways, education and training options and other relevant opportunities within various labour markets.


Our Partners

To become our partner, a formal agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement or Implementation Protocol with DHET Career Development Services is required. For more information click here.